Cantos Primitivos//Primitive Songs, TruéQué Residencia   Artistica, Ayampe, Ecuador 2017

Cantos Primitivos//Primitive Songs, TruéQué Residencia Artistica, Ayampe, Ecuador 2017





STEFA* is an artist, vocalist and performer focused on the intersection of politics, the self and her cultures. 

what started off as singing to a tape of ray charles' 'hit the road jack' at the age of 5 (mom loves that story), quickly became an unshakeable passion with music. classically trained in both voice and acting, alma matters include laguardia arts and royal central school of speech and drama in london, uk. upon returning home from four years abroad, stefa delved into the nyc theatre scene. after various workshops and readings with companies like poetic theatre productions, labyrinth theater company, mighteeshero productions as well as 'sidetrack', a web series following the lives of queer women in nyc, she decided to fully focus on self-production and composition. her solo work has led her to perform all over new york city venues. as part of TrueQue Residencia Artistica (Ayampe, Ecuador 2017), she facilitated her first voice workshop, Primitive Songs//Cantos Primitivos after studying for voice for 20 years. recently she traveled to Vienna, Austria where she performed as part of American Realness at wiener festwochen's 'performeum'. this July she'll be performing as part of Brooklyn Museum's Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985 special programming. 

artist statement

i feel i am coming to grips with what i am intended to do with all of these different facets of myself. of my identity. as an artist i am a vessel but i am my own instrument. i am dismantling the institutions and the training in my own body and psyche, taking classical structures juxtaposed with the raw voice, in order to rediscover my reason for being, and the incessant need i have to create. in producing these harmonious worlds, i create a space where i can exist wholly without remorse, if only for a brief moment. marrying the indigenous, my culture [both native and amerikan] to support my projections of the future and create something outside of my self.